To provide repairs for cyclists during Car Free Sunday 2017, the asbl CyCLO is organising the CyCLO DEPANNAGE action. On Sunday 17 September, in case of minor mechanical problems (flat tyre, brakes, gears,…) please call our free number: 0800 25 260.

Who is still allowed to drive around town?
Car Free Sunday applies to everyone, except for public transport, taxis, buses, emergency and security forces, provided with a legitimation, as well as for the diplomatic corps. The maximum speed is limited up to 30km/h everywhere.

When is the Region 'closed'?
Between 9.30am and 7pm. The closing and the re-opening of the entrances to the Region and the tunnels will happen gradually. Therefore, there might be some traffic nuisance outside these times. As a result of the activities and celebrations, the streets in certain neighbourhoods might also be closed longer. So it is no use hurrying to the entrances to Brussels; this to avoid congestion and safety problems.

What about public transport?
The STIB will provide free public transport! The service level will be reviewed with a considerable reinforcement on most of metro, tram and bus lines.

Rent a bike?
Looking forward to enjoy the absence of cars on the 17th of September or to test a bicycle for your daily commute during the (European) Mobility Week in Brussels ? Rent a bike at Pro Velo ! Booking and payment in advance. For Car Free Sunday, better call in advance, all our bikes have mostly been booked for that occasion. More info on

How do you get to Brussels ?
Use public transport as close to your home as possible. The SNCB will take you to the heart of the city. By car you can drive to parking C of Heysel, where 11.000 places are available (5€ for the whole day). You can easily change in one of the nearby metro stations. Other transit parking allotments along the edges of the Region are well indicated from the Ring. Please be careful: the number of places is limited.

Even on Car Free Sunday, some cars are permitted to drive
An accident can happen very quickly. There is only one rule to respect in order to prevent disasters: comply with traffic regulations. In any case do not use the tunnels! While on your bike please take into account the traffic lights, traffic direction and priority rules! Mind your children, the place for pedestrians is the pavement!

Free parking spot at Interparking on Car Free Sunday!*
Reserve your parking spot before September 16th in 2016 via

* Except parking: Stockel Square, Woluwe Shopping Center, WTC and XL Shopping.